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Formed in 2004, AMX Solutions Ltd (formerly known as Infrastructure Asset Management Ltd) is a well-established, independent, UK-based software development company specialising in the development of enterprise asset management software solutions spanning a wide range of market sectors.

The company develops the internationally renowned BMX bridge management software, currently used in multiple sites in the UK and Internationally in Cyprus, Lithuania, Albania and across the Middle East. All our customers are fully supported with high-quality consultancy to provide a truly comprehensive service.

Asset Management eXpert (AMX) is the latest generation solution from AMX Solutions Ltd. Building upon the complex functionality of BMX, AMX is designed using the latest technologies to provide a more flexible, mobile, agile, high performance and high quality asset management solution to suit any asset classification and customer requirement.

All our products are supported by our dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic team to ensure customers have the right solution for their needs. AMX Solutions is a company committed to ensuring we provide the best asset management solution. We have the passion and expertise to enable us to deliver software faster, better and with an unmatchable return on investment.

Asset Management Software Bridge Management Expert

Our market leading software solution, Asset Management eXpert (AMX) is the latest generation of our original BMX software. With added customisation, reporting and analysis - AMX takes asset management to a new level of capabilities.

Our original product, Bridge Management eXpert (BMX), is highly successful and widely in use both in the UK and overseas. BMX is now underpinned by the AMX platform, providing all the same powerful functionality, but now with added customisation and reporting features.

Please note BMX is no longer available to purchase, it has been superceded by AMX

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